6 Killer Tips For Logo Design

6 Killer Tips For Logo Design

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss 6 killer tips for logo design. We will see what psychology of logo design will be best for the brands. What things we should consider when we are designing the logos for a website, brand, or project. Do perfect colors really matter? Our blog will answer all these questions, so stay tuned with us to the end of the blog.

1. Brand Understanding

A logo isn't just an image, but it is the complete image and a brand ambassador of your business. It describes who you are, what you are, what you're not, what you do, what you don't, and how you do. If your logo does not convey your brand story, then how will it appeal to your target audience or potential customers? Think about your brand ideology, brand culture, and brand strategies and put these all ingredients into your logo and tell the world who you are. Check out our logo design portfolio for some inspiration.
Like everyone and everything has its background, history, and some meaningful purpose. Take a look at Amazon, for instance - the arrow in the logo shows that Amazon sells A to Z items.
So you understood why a logo is so important? It catches user's attention, makes a long-lasting impression, memorable part, and promotes brand loyalty.

2. Color is a Heart / Color Psychology in Logo Design

A perfect logo needs perfect colors because the color is a heart of it. Choosing irrelevant colors may deliver a wrong message to the users. Take a look at Red Bull; for instance - the red color in the logo shows a robust and sturdy feel, now assume if they use green color instead of red, I don't think so that the logo will deliver that much energy with green color. Some colors show power, some show eagerness. Some colors show politeness, frankness, etc. Give an extra penny to your logo designer, and get lucky colors for your business logo.
Here is a small color list with their meaning:
Blue: Loyalty, Professionalism, Peace – (Mostly used by banks)
Green: Reliability, Success, Natural, Durability, Freshness – (Used to relax customers)
Red: Bold, Energy, Love, Anger, Chaos, Speed, Danger – (Good for sales purpose)
Black: Grace, Finesse, Sophistication –(being used in aggressive items)
White: Purity, Clean, Newness, calm, innocence –(To show complex functionalities more simply)
Yellow: Attention-Seeker, Happiness, Conflict –(For display purposes)
Purple: Nobleness, Royal, luxury, Magical –(Used for selling luxury products)

3. Be Unique and Be Bold

Uniqueness in your logo is the key, and boldness will uplift you to the top. Uniqueness will differentiate you from your competitors, so the design must stand out from your rivals.
Designing a unique logo isn't only preventing copy, but it's all about creating something that is out of the world. Putting an industry logo is not the name of creativity, but it is an example of tempting. The Android logo isn't mobile. The Nike logo isn't clothes. The Audi logo isn't a car.

4. Name is Game

It depends on your company, whether it chooses the icon-based logo or wordmark (It includes only your company name – no badges or symbols). "If you have a unique brand name, then logotype would be the best choice. But if your business name is the universal name, then you must get away with a logo mark". During consideration of typefaces for your text, don't forget to avoid gimmicky fonts and must use negative space, it would be helpful. Many logo designs have become iconic because of their custom fonts, such as Coca-Cola.

5. Instant Success is not a Baby Toy

Haven't you heard this sentence, "Good things take time"? All iconic custom and animated logos take their time to become popular. Even most aesthetic designs can't gain instant success, because it relies on your product or service success, and also depends on how well you present your services or products to the market.
Be patient. Don't be hurry to change your designs just because you didn't get expected success instantly. Harkins says. "If the time has come to evolve your logo, look for elements that can be carried forward."

6. Use Online Logo Designing Websites

If you want to create a logo but you haven't any idea, no inspiration, or no template, then you forget someone, which helps in our assignments, who completes our to-do lists, and helps us in every aspect of life - means Internet - there are a lot of online logos designing websites for those who need an idea or an inspiration when designing a company logo.
LogoDesinger360 offers professional online logo maker for those who want to design their logo. Also, we offer affordable custom logo design services plus animated logo design services over the globe. Avail our services at the best price.


In the end, don't hurry when you are designing, don't copy others; be original. Keep tuned with the latest logo design trends. Understand your business aspirations and also think of your customer's requirements; they will help you in the process.

Muhammad Abdullah

10 months ago