If You Don’t Know These 7 Things You Can’t Start Your Online Store

If You Don’t Know These 7 Things You Can’t Start Your Online Store

Look at this “If You Don’t Know These 7 Things You Can’t Start Your Online Store”. These are seven things that will help you to be a lot more successful to stay a lot more focused and to set the right expectations for your business so if you want to learn exactly what these seven things are then making sure you read this entire blog.

1. ECommerce – A Newbie Thing on the Internet

Let me talk to you guys about the seven things you must know otherwise you can’t start your online store. So the first very important thing that you must know about e-commerce before you start your online store is the fact that eCommerce is still a newbie.

So eCommerce has been around for less than 30 years, and it's still quite early, which means you should be patient with your online store. So every single business takes enough time to establish and to mature, but most people who are getting into e-commerce know want to reap major benefits from their online stores immediately.

But you have to understand that eCommerce is still relatively new and a lot of people still don't understand eCommerce and are still afraid to use e-commerce to make their purchases to put things into perspective for you.

ECommerce makes up just about 10% of global retail sales which means that brick-and-mortar is still winning as it relates to retail. They account for approximately 90% of the sales in retail so as you can see eCommerce is still relatively new so there is a far way to go.

So if you play the long game in eCommerce you can read major benefits in the next in our 20 or maybe even 30 years so be patient it is still relatively new and it is quite early to get into e-commerce so make sure that you keep that in your mind and you know that eCommerce is young it's new and it's quite early so start your business and be patient.

2. Go and Learn Digital Marketing First

The second thing that you must know about e-commerce before you start your business is that once you create your online store your job now becomes a full-time marketer. So you're now in the marketing game which means you have to be constantly marketing your business and you have to learn all the available marketing techniques and this is what's going to set you apart from the competitors and this is how you will be able to scale your business and take your business to the levels that you want.

So if you're planning to start your online store or maybe you've just started your online store I highly recommend that you keep educating yourself keep learning different marketing techniques, keep learning marketing psychology, and I highly recommend that you take different courses on the topic as you want but you have to keep learning the new marketing techniques and you have to keep marketing your business so you're now in the digital marketing business so make sure you fully understand every single thing there is to know about digital marketing.

3. You must have Good Relations with Branding

The next thing that you must know about e-commerce before you start your business especially if you want to have long term success with your business is the importance of branding. The branding is extremely important in the e-commerce field.

If you want to have a business that is around for a very long time you have to create a brand when you have a brand you can create what is called brand identity and brand identity is just how the consumers perceive your brand.

For example

For example, you established a brand and you have developed a pretty awesome product and then two years from now, you create another product then people will automatically associate because they've created that brand identity before by releasing a good quality product on your brand.

Let’s Have a Look at the Apple Company

We could take Apple for example. So, Apple Company has a really good strong brand identity in the marketplace. They have stunning and groundbreaking products and people associate it by uploading these amazing products.

If Apple was supposed to release a new product tomorrow or next week or next year people will automatically think of it as being of good quality and that is what brand identity does for a business. So you want to make sure that you're creating brand identity and brand equity.

4. Don’t Be Ghost on Social Media Platforms

The fourth thing that you must know before you start your online store if you want to be successful is to understand that the importance of being visible on social media. Social media is a very important part of our day-to-day lives and your customers are on social media so it only makes sense for you to be there as well you have to be visible on social media.

Make a Powerful Presence on Instagram

Instagram is one of those social media platforms that work perfectly for e-commerce because it's visual it's all about what you can see on Instagram so it makes sense for you to have your brand front and center on Instagram.

If you want to be successful so it's very important that you have a very good social media strategy and that's your visibility on social media if you want your business to be successful.

5. Improve Regularly

The fifth thing you must know before you start your online store is that you have to be prepared to improve your business regularly. So I've been running my online store for approximately five years now and trust me when I tell you that it's a constant optimization of strategy every single day so the first ad campaign you launched may not work, the first product you release may not work, the first label you design may not work, but it's a matter of testing to see what works and improving your business regularly.

So you have to be prepared to optimize if you're trying to set up a business and then hopefully generate consistent income for you without doing anything else. That is not how it works you have to be prepared to optimize your business to test what works and to see what doesn't work and consistently optimize your business and that is what's going to bring you success in the long run.

6. Grow Your Audience Figures To See Magic

Number six on the list of things that you must know before you start your online store is that you can hack your way to six and seven figures. If you have an audience before you launch your brand and business so I've seen countless people on Instagram for example who have launched different products and we have scaled their businesses within 1 year and the reason why they can do this is that they had an audience on Instagram before they launched their products.

So I know most of you guys want to start your business and you don't want to wait until you have an audience and I highly recommend you start because there are just so many different things to learn but while you're building up your business make sure you're focused on growing your audience on social media as well.

If you have an audience already, great, but if you don't, start focusing on building that audience it's the easiest possible way to scale your business to six and seven figures.

7. Don’t Dare To Think About Overnight Success

So, the seventh and final thing that I want to share is very important for me to share because of the misconceptions that are out there and I want you to know what to expect from your online store.

You can have the right expectations going forward so most people think eCommerce is a get-rich-quick scheme, it is not. You are not going to get rich overnight, you have a lot of competition in the marketplace, and you have to be in it for the long run for you to see something from your business.

I know that a lot of other gurus are telling you that you can start a dropshipping business or start a private label business and make a million dollars with a month or two, but this is not the case, I can tell you that this is far from the truth.

So unless you're willing to grind and to build your business from the ground up then maybe this is not the business that you should be in because you are not going to get a million dollars overnight. Approximately 98% of people who start online stores field, if you want to be in that, 2% of people that make something from their online store; you have to be willing to invest a lot of time and energy into your online store.

Wrapping up Our Blog

Okay, so there you have it guys, those are the seven things if you don’t know then starting an online store is not possible for you. If you know these seven things they will help you to be a lot more focused, to be more successful, and to set the right expectations for your business.
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Muhammad Abdullah

6 months ago