Changing Your Current Logo Design - Risks And Rewards

Changing Your Current Logo Design - Risks And Rewards

It happens many times. You take a look at your logo, and it doesn't have the same oomph that it did a few years ago. It looks a little tired. Or maybe it was designed under a budget (or time) crisis that prevented a complete or accurate workup.

Heart of the matter - you're tired & sick of your logo & bring some in your logo.
Can this be done? Certainly. Are there risks involved?
Absolutely. Do we prescribe modifying your logo design in mid-stride? Well, yes. & no.

Replacing an incorporated logo should be addressed with a great deal of caution and foresight.
As in many business (and life) decisions, you have to weigh the pros and the cons and decide what the best solution for your particular situation is.

A new logo design can give a new look to your brand or business website.
A new lease on day-to-day 'team spirit'. You may have changed your market focus and need a logo that is more in line with, and appealing to, your current demographics. A logo makeover can undoubtedly do that.
Your current may be fantastic for years, but when the time changes, your logo becomes nasty old one; it doesn't go with the wind.
More in line with your current business goals. All good things to be sure. So yes, your old logo must be replaced. Are there any commands (apart from any expenses, which we will deal with later)?

Famous Examples

Not as far as we know. So, and with typical LogoDesigner360 aplomb, we're going to make some up. I will provide you with a few famous examples of logo makeovers, and also share our particular story. If you think that your logo needs some changes, then you must decide whether you will go with a logo makeover (a brand new design) or a logo repair.

Your logo may need to be spruced up. A little font tweak here. A slight simplification, or perhaps a more technically proficient rendering.
It is the most trivial traumatic and permits for moderate assimilation into your branding element.

You can use up your stock of already printed business goods (letterheads and business cards, for example) as you port the new look onto your branding, advertising, and marketing materials.

A logo repair typically entails a re-rendering of your piece of art, so that your brand new (& imperceptibly modified) logo can be employed in several media & reproduction media.

When your logo gets new changes into a unique editable format, your logo designers have a variety of choice to modify your logo design elements, fonts, & colors with a few upset to the entire brand of your business.
The factors that are involved in the logo repair process should be based on your business' mission and vision. Your thoughts or feelings shouldn't bother the process of logo repair.

The Simple Solution - Logo Repair and/or Makeover

We can say that Nike wouldn't change their 'swoosh' shortly. Because Nike has paid a million bucks to perceive that logo and its logo is now a public eye.
The Nike recognition factor makes the logo impressive, NOT the design. A massive modification can bring dramatic changes.

Even Nike is not ahead of trying to upgrade its image. The accompanying 'Nike' font style has been modified several times, in trying to sustain changes in design sensibility.

The same can be said for the Microsoft Windows logo.
When Microsoft initial launched in 1995, its logo was nothing more than a visual representation of a flying window.
When the new Windows XP operating system was introduced a few years ago, it also featured a logo makeover – the Windows icon had become much more refined, 3D and included a much more appropriate font.
It still had enough of the old Windows logo to remain in the same design family but was sleeker to (hopefully) reflect the vastly improved (again, probably) operating system. Apple computers also evolved their famous Apple icon from a rainbow-striped version to a stable and much 'classier' modern icon in the late nineties.
With the arrival of their Operating system OS X, the icon of Apple became a gel variant, to fit into the marketing flavor of Apple - a flavor so successful that the look and feel is the most copied design on the Internet today.

Apple Icon

The Apple icon has remained pretty stable over the years. Still, its treatment has changed on several occasions to maintain the logo's strength (the fruit of knowledge from the Bible's Genesis) while adapting to the corporation's current marketing focus. All in all, it's pretty safe to say that if Apple, Microsoft and Nike aren't opposed to changing their logo, then your fears, while understandable, can be put aside.
It's also good to perceive that they 'transformed' their logos, instead of abandoning the look and recognition they had already accomplished.

On a much smaller scale, we've changed our logo design several times. Our logo went through some significant changes and modifications. But, the logo is still recognizable as the old LogoDesigner360 brand but is vastly more versatile and adaptable.

Changing your logo completely – The Massive, Traumatic Logo Overhaul

It's a pretty safe bet that you can perform a major overhaul of your logo once. That can be interpreted (and explained) as an improvement. Forward-thinking. A new birth of your company. Any more changes and you're starting to look a little schizophrenic. Flaky and unfocused. You may seem like you're unsure of who you are, or more importantly, who your clients are. While a logo makeover is relatively painless, a total overhaul can (though not always) represent a sizable expense and trauma to your marketing endeavours.

While a successful logo overhaul can bring enormous worth to your company, the risks (and potential liability) can be high. What's the difference between a logo makeover and a logo overhaul? If a logo makeover can be viewed as a few coats of makeup on your logo, a new hairdo, a revision is an entire facelift with the associated risks.

Muhammad Abdullah

9 months ago