You Can Start Your Online Store in Just 60 minutes – Check out How?

You Can Start Your Online Store in Just 60 minutes – Check out How?

Will you spend (waste) your precious time by watching 1 hour season’s episodes? If you are a business owner and want to start your online store, then you can start your online store in just 60 minutes – check out how?

Why You Need an Online Store in This Pandemic Situation?

Everyone has become sick of this pandemic situation of COVID-19. Local stores, gyms, garment factories, shopping malls, smartphone markets all are shuttered down due to the pandemic situation.

Government officials have limited the steps of their locals to their houses.

Customers are suffering several difficulties meeting their daily requirements, and now they are looking to shop online for their daily needs, and this is the perfect moment for business owners to grasp the consumers’ attention and win the market.

Statistics show that many online products and services increased by 200% to 800% in their sales. Isn’t quite marvelous stats for business owners?

After you decided that you will start an online store but where to start is the next question, you will face. Which tools you will choose to start an online store? Which domain will suit your business? From where you will host your eCommerce website? Payment methods, shipping methods and all and all.
We will answer all of the above-mentioned questions. Let's connected with us till the end.

Where to Start the Process of an Online Store

Here, we will give you a step-by-step guide to start an online store in just 60 minutes or less.

1. Choose a Perfect Domain Name

In preparing your online store, a domain name is one of the most significant decisions you will perform, especially if you rely on non-internet promotion to send traffic to your website.
If you assume all of your users come to your website by just clicking a link from a Google, your domain name can be almost anything.

But, if you expect any part of your viewers to manually type the domain name into their browser's address bar, then you should spend quality time on choosing a perfect domain name.
1. Easy to spell and pronounce
2. Your domain name must be easy to remember.
3. Your Domain Name must be shorter.
4. Must tell the visitors about your business.
5. Your domain name contains
6. Your domain name should haven't Dashes and Numbers.

When you register your domain, the laws of the internet demand that you provide your:
• original name
• residence or business address
• email ID
• telephone number

2. Select a Business Category

Choosing your business category is the most significant choice that you’ll make. Slow down and take the time to perform some thorough analysis here.

A tremendous blunder that I’ve done in the past was going for hobby categories. Yes, being individually engaged in the category assists with developing the business.
But it’s also a popular trap for selecting a niche that would not help you to get handsome money. If there isn’t much market in my category, it doesn’t matter how well I am doing in my job, is totally a waste of time.

Don’t go for very Unique Niche

In place of attempting to distinguish your business from every other item in your niche, find a niche with opponents that are not governing their marketing channel.

Are the Amazon reviews low for all the top items? Are the SEO outcomes of the inferior class? Are there no organizations making serious ad bucks behind an item? If the answer is yes, there’s a chance for you to beat them with your efforts of marketing.

3. Choose the Perfect Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

While there are an unlimited no of eCommerce tools that you can pick for your business. Here are some points you should consider when choosing an eCommerce platform:

• Choose the platform that has easy setup for your shop. The platform which gives you easy to use option.
• Easy to navigate and have the best security options.
• Go with that platform which has the option to be integrated with other platforms.
• Choose that platform which is SEO-friendly eCommerce Platform.
• Don’t go with a platform that has high monthly or yearly fee-subscriptions.
• The platform must have all possible payment gateway options for your customer.

These are the 5 Best eCommerce Platforms in 2020:
1. Magento
2. Shopify
3. 3dcart
4. WooCommerce
5. Squarespace

1. Shopify

Shopify is offering its basic version services at ($29/mon). It offers an in-house payment platform with 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support and unlimited products. And also you can get 14-day free trial of Shopify.

With the help of Shopify, you can manage the orders, add and modify items (+ inventory, transfers, gift cards), coordinate customers section, check analytics (order value, sales, total visits, convention rates, etc.), create discounts. Integrated SEO options, automated marketing (Kit, Mailchimp), integration with more than 2K applications, social media integration, Amazon Store support, Google Analytics are just a few other Shopify features.

2. 3dcart

It has grabbed a vast range of audience’s attention by giving them amazing offers and options. With no transaction fees, it gives 50 free themes, unlimited products, 24/7 live chat support, free domain for 1st year.

3dcart gives more than 50 free and 23 premium ($99 – $199) responsive themes, CMS, built-in blog and tools like Quick Cart, Quick View, Single page checkout, Recently Viewed items, and the list goes on.

3. Magento

Clients like Huawei, Burger King, and Pepe jeans makes Magento a considerable eCommerce platform in the modern world. Giving you several customized features, themes, and powerful security options make Magento a powerful tool to start an online store.

You can manage and control marketing (CRM, SEO/SEM, email marketing), finance (taxes and accounting), content (translations, media, payments (fraud, payment integrations), sales, shipping services (OMS, WMS), site optimization and analytics.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the best eCommerce platforms to start an online store in 2020. With its cheap starting plan ($18/mon), it gives you free themes, unlimited products, and unlimited accounts with 1-year free domain service.

You can simply sell, organize, and manage with the help of tags, drag-and-drop sorting tool, categories. 2 payments methods, PayPal and Stripe, can cover all the customers’ needs. Squarespace is well-known for its SEO & marketing features – 301 redirects, full social integration, make custom URLs, meta descriptions, and so on.

5. WooCommerce

It is one of the best and easy to use eCommerce platform empowering 28% online stores globally. WooCommerce provides features to trade any genre of product, both physical and digital, with limitless variations of colors, size and the list goes on.

Shopping services include built-in payment channels (PayPal, Stripe, direct bank transfer, credit cards), shipping rates, taxes.

How Can Logo Designer 360 Help You

As a Professional Web Design and Development Company in the market, we will help you to create an online store for your business in just 60 minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Enter Your Store Name

Select your store name and don't worry it can be updated any time. Just simple and random will also work. enter your store name - Start an online store in 60 minutes - LogoDesigner360

2. Select a Category

Tell us about your store category or type. Click on the “Next” button. Select a Category - Start an online store in 60 minutes - LogoDesigner360

3. Select Your Theme

Select an interactive theme. This is not mandatory and you can keep this on our expert.Select Your Theme - Start an online store in 60 minutes - LogoDesigner360

4. Store Settings

Setup your custom online store without having zero knowledge of coding using WooCommerce with tons of option. Our expert will help you to launch your online business in just a few hours.Store Settings - Start an online store in 60 minutes - LogoDesigner360

5. Account Information

Enter your account information. So our team can approach you to build your dream. This will help us to setup domains and payment methods so you can capture payment through your website.Account Information to Start an online store in 60 minutes - LogoDesigner360

6. Choose Your Package

We are offering one of the best e-commerce solution considering COVID-19 crisis to all size of business. Our consultants and expert will help you to run your online store effectively. Choose your package and let's get started. Choose Your Package to Start an online store in 60 minutes - LogoDesigner360

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