What is a Social Media Kit? How it can help you?

What is a Social Media Kit? How it can help you?

Whether you are a blogger, Youtuber, photographer, author, social networking celebrity, or content creator, you'll have undoubtedly received an email or message by a brand that wants to work together with you. When you do this stage (if on purpose or by accident) and your system is getting a great deal of attention from advertisers, then it is time to get started placing your creative media kit collectively!

What is a social media kit?

A media kit is a package of advice, constructed by means of a firm, to present standard information regarding itself. The media kit is a promotional, public connections tool which may serve several purposes—for example boosting the launching of a new company, increasing the launching of a new service or product with a present company, giving a business a means to introduce itself since it'd love to get viewed, or saving period, by simply eliminating the demand for an organization's employees to answer the exact questions.

Your Media Kit Should tackle Business demands

A social media kit should address the communication and advertising demands of your particular sort of business. A corporate branding kit should demonstrate that your imagination and appreciate it while still being informative and readily known. It should communicate everything outsiders has to understand about your small business, packed up, and prepared to present you to anybody. You need to be pleased with one's networking kit.
So now you understand exactly what a media kit is here are 8 items you will definitely want to incorporate to stand out in the crowd:

1. Your Social Media Presence & Followings

It is the best practice to put your social media life into your social media kits such as Instagram account and following, twitter account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, and other online presence.
If you have other accounts on other social platforms like YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, SnapChat, and newly discovered platforms, then don't ignore their powers. Just include into your kit. These platforms will give more energetic insights to your targeted audience.

2. Don't Miss To Put Website Traffic

There is a new trend that influencers are including their website statistics like Traffic, Shares, etc. And influencers have seen excellent results by including these stats. So this is a terrific way to add website traffic into your media kit. It strengthens to marketers your audience follows and keeps tabs on what is happening inside your own organization.
It is necessary to include statistics like the bounce rate, page views, and duration of traffic in the kit since they are possible determining variables in collaborations. We suggest using Google Analytics to recover this information.

3. Rates

Middle and high tier influencers usually have a charge card for their own services, and costs vary from $50 to $10,000 (and more!) Based on their degree of effect and the job demands. By providing a marketer your prices at the beginning of the dialog, you are able to decide whether they have a budget and a real desire to collaborate on something that's mutually beneficial.

Additionally, it helps marketers understand which you charge a rate for the time, work, and imagination and may then work your prices in their budget today, and also for future opportunities.

4. Ways to Collaboration

If you incorporate the ways of collaboration in your social media kit so it will be straightforward for marketers to know how they can collaborate with you or with your talent or work. Now, the question arises, what things should be included as the ways to collaborations; it could be product or service inclusions in your blog post, an opportunity for an interview, a creative photoshoot, giveaway, any kind of editorial content.

So, as you saw that there are countless ways and totally depends on your work and skills and niche. It is the best practice to write down your skills and what you actually want to do for a brand to provide marketers all of their potential options.

5. Your Contact Details

The essential element of a social media kit. A media kit without your contact details or information is nothing but a piece of paper, which is worthless. How will they reach you if they have work for you and want to work with you?

Ensure your contact information is up-to-date and accurate & make sure they are easy to read, easy to find, and crystal clear. Things that will be added as contact details are name, your email address, phone number, postal address, your website & your social media handles.

6. About Yourself

Brands and marketers alike and love when an influencer describes himself/herself because every brand wants to know that with whom they are working, is he capable of completing our task? What is his/her experience? All in all.

It is an excellent opportunity to show them what work you do and why you do this! Have you been blogging about trends only because you're enthusiastic about it or as you've got a specialized style level and love using the most recent trends?

Can you talk about recipes since you love to experimentation in the kitchen or as your kids have allergies, and you also wish to share details regarding family-friendly, allergy-free meals to assist others? Give entrepreneurs insight into who you are, and you are a fantastic match for their effort.
Your media kit needs to stand out your brand aside from the crowd. Mundane not have such capabilities to show some magic for your business, but a creative business media kit will!

7. Distribute! But to Right People

Instead of collecting a huge list of whoever you could discover on Google & clicking "Send to All," it's better to do some work (little bit research) before sending out your beloved kit.
You should be sure the men and women who get it are suitable, and your email is personalized. It will also aid in preventing annoying our cherished journo friends!

8. Make an Extra Effort

Include samples, photos, and testimonials on your media kit whenever they are readily available to you. Offer your media kit a few materials and show the world exactly what your brand is constructed from.

Did you collaborate with a wonderful brand? Prove it. Can you host the ideal media event? Show them. Can you launch a brand new, mini travel size merchandise? Gift it. So, these are some tips and tricks which will bring you to stand out in the crowd.

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